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Re: spamassassin installation help

Stephen Gran wrote:

It is.  Dman's page is excellent, and if you follow the instructions,
you'll have a very nicely working setup very quickly.  The only thing I
would recommend doing is (if you're using either woody or sarge) is
backporting the version from unstable - I have gotten much better
results, with far lower false positives/negatives than before.  This is
easily done by downloading the source, cd into the toplevel source
directory and typing `fakeroot debian/rules binary`.  You may need to
first install the build-depends, which will be listed in debian/control.

Or, add the following to /etc/apt/apt.conf:
APT::Default-Release "woody";

and add a mirror for unstable to sources.list

then do
  apt-get update
  apt-get install unstable/spamassassin

should get you the latest packaged SA. Someone is also building .debs of the CVS snapshots, if you really want to be bleeding edge. See the SA archives for details.



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