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Re: Knoppix-Piggy and Debian installer

This one time, at band camp, Mark L. Kahnt said:
> On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 17:44, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > ulimit -a show anything?  What size is the file when it dies?
> That's part of it, nothing locally really seems to show anywhere as
> being a problem, and the stuff I've dug into for some info shows no
> clues from my end. ulimit -a says:
> <all fine>
> ...in other words, nothing that should be a problem. It isn't a quota or
> disk space problem, either. The downloads have varied, depending on
> which ISO, but one gave me about 21 meg, whatever the source, another
> gave me 53 meg, and the most recent ISO has been dying around 113 meg. I
> can break, reconnect, and try to resume, but as I said, not a single
> data byte gets sent - as though something in the ISO is triggering
> servers to stop the file transfer, while the software on my end is
> expecting far more data.

Hmm . . . do you have a LAN or something that you can test this on (even
a twisted pair or a SLIP/PLIP connection to a second box) so that you
can try large file transfers beteen them?  How does something like jigdo
work for you?  I'm kind of fumbling around, here, in case you didn't

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