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Re: Knoppix-Piggy and Debian installer

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 15:08, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Mark L. Kahnt <kahnt@hosehead.dyndns.org> [2002-11-10 13:14:16 -0500]:
> > A tangent on this - having heard of Knoppix's good reputation, I've
> When it works it works great.  Sometimes it does not work.  In that
> case, well when it works it works great!  :-)
> > tried to get an iso of this from a few sources, and using all manner of
> > different sources and transfer methods and tools, I get a certain
> > distance along, and then it stops, and will not continue. How far I get
> > depends on the iso, but it stops at the same spot on all systems and
> > methods. I haven't seen any reasons in logs or networking manuals, but
> > this is frustrating - I'm burning bandwidth of many not-for-profit
> > servers with no success, and not reaching 20% of the iso as a rule.
> I can't suggest any reason your download would drop in the middle.
> But I can suggest to use a download method that will restart where it
> left off.  I suggest wget right off of the top of my head.  Look at
> the 'wget -c' option.  Other programs also support restarting.  This
> way if your download drops you can at least restart it and keep making
> further progress.
> Bob

That is what I've been doing, but not a single additional data byte ever
comes, with wget or ftp reget or whatever else. While I've had this
problem with http transfers in the past on some large files
(multi-megabytes usually) from *certain* websites, only the Knoppix ISOs
have been a problem on Debian (although the Red Hat ISOs I tried to get
for a client on his Windows XP system also had this problem - she was
insistent that she wanted Red Hat, and knew I'd charge her less for my
consulting time if I could do the download on her office bandwidth.) It
is frustrating, and the main reason I want it is not for my machines,
but for a friend to have a non-destructive way to try Linux on his XP
box before he adds a second drive and has space to install a proper o/s
(which I know he'll have me look after - installing the drive and then
Linux - I'll probably even be administering the system for him over ssh
after that.)
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