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Re: Need Reasons for switching to Debian from Redhat

In muc.lists.debian.user, you wrote:
><quote who="Larry Smith">
>> I can use some moral support here.
>> Better package management system.
> more basic then that, 1 word:
> apt-get
> that sold my boss in about 5 minutes. he called me up once,
> asked how to install XXX app, i said, apt-get install <package>
> he was blown away, few weeks later after many more apt-get's
> he didn't want to use anything else

apt-get is quite nice.  I like _running_ Debian, but it's too
bad the initial install is such a nightmare.  Today it took
almost an entire day of futzing around to get a generic Woody
2.4 system installed and running.  Installing Redhat on the
same system takes about 15 minutes.

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