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Re: Gnome2 wm trials....

>>>>> "ciber" == ciber  <ciber@celasmaya.edu.gt> writes:

ciber> ¡Done!  The auto save session didn't work, but I took the hint
ciber> and looked for a .xsession-errors file, which did not exist. What
ciber> did exist, however, where a bunch of .twmxxx files. I deleted
ciber> these, restarted, and everything came up perfectly! That is, the
ciber> gnome-panels started.

Very weird.  I can't imagine how .twmxxx files should prevent metacity
From starting.  Well, now we know why the Gnome 2 packages are still in
experimental... :-)


ciber> So now I am starting metacity and the gnome panels. Now how do I
ciber> get click to focus and alt-tab to work?

Run metacity-properties for click-to-focus, gnome-keybinding-properties
for alt-tab.  Both are accessible from gnome-control-center as "Window
Focus" and "Keyboard Shortcuts" respectively.

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