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Re: dpkg -S [was Re: Terminfo and emacs]

Hans Ekbrand <hans@sociologi.cjb.net> writes:

>> Its pretty clear that I'm using it wrong but I did try to follow the
>> example listed there.  What is expected at `pattern'
> {foo|bar} means foo OR bar
> ~>dpkg -S emacs21
> will work, as will
> ~>dpkg --search emacs21
> or 
> ~>dpkg -S /usr/bin/emacs21
> emacs21: /usr/bin/emacs21
> which means that /usr/bin/emacs21 belongs to package emacs21

Egad, maybe I should just take a header off the nearest pier...

I've been looking at too many awk scripts where the curley braces
contain the `program'.

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