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Re: Terminfo and emacs

Matijs van Zuijlen <Matijs.van.Zuijlen@xs4all.nl> writes:

> On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 02:56:02AM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> People have told me the debian package manager is more sophisticated
>> yet, and can pull up more detailed info.  What do I need to read to get
>> on top of those kind of commands?
> I've found
> http://qref.sourceforge.net/quick/ch-package.en.html
> to be very helpful.

Oh thanks, this looks like the stuff I was after.

   Point 5.3.1 Information on a file
   To find the package to which a particular file belongs: 

Is just the ticket I think but my trials with it only get an error

A usage statement and "Bash --search command not found" with the
command line indicated there:
dpkg {-S|--search} pattern # search package from installed filename

My actual command line attempts were:
dpkg {-S|--search} /bin/more
dpkg {-S|--search} more

And with single quotes around the curley brackets:
dpkg '{-S|--search}' /bin/more

Maybe it wants a packagename 
But seems unlikely since it starts by saying:
     To find the package to which a particular file belongs: 

dpkg {-S|--search} emacs21
Still no useful output.

Its pretty clear that I'm using it wrong but I did try to follow the
example listed there.  What is expected at `pattern'

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