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Re: maildir : mutt and fetchmail

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 07:36:42AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
| * dman <dsh8290@rit.edu> [2001.10.14 19:00:11-0400]:
| > Ok, now I'm using maildir for my folders.  For some reason, though,
| > mutt shows most messages as having a size of 0.  Why might this be?
| because somehow Maildir is missing the Lines header. use this in your

I see, the few messages that show the size all have a Lines: header.

| procmail:
|   :0 Bfh
|   * H ?? !^Lines:
|   * -1^0
|   *  1^1 ^.*$
|   | formail -A "Lines: $="

Should this go before or after the other rule(s)?  Also, who is
supposed to add the Lines: header?

| > Also, is it possible for fetchmail to retrieve from a maildir folder?
| if you are running an appropriate POP3/IMAP server, such as
| courier-imap/pop3 or spop3d, which can deal with Maildir. other than
| that, you might even want to consider using rsync rather than
| fetchmail to get your mail...
| > when telneting to port 25.  I tried and got an error (sorry, I don't
| > have the output here, and I don't have the fetchmail config here to
| > try it again).  I imagine this is a server issue, but it would be
| > great if I can resolve it.  The situation is that I read mail on the
| > server sometimes so I would like the performance of maildir, but would
| > like to be able to retrieve it to my workstation using fetchmail
| > sometimes.
| the other thing you can do, which i do, for instance, is using
| procmail to deliver to Maildir *and* mboxx on the server. that way you
| have two copies, and you use fetchmail to fetch and delete the mbox
| mail, while Maildir stuff stays on the server. that way you don't have
| any interferenece (frequently, when a message was read, it won't be
| downloaded anymore).

That's an interesting technique.  The main drawback is that it
duplicates messages.  Gives a sort of deja-vu feeling :-).  Does
procmail allow specifying multiple destinations?  Something like :

* ^.*

BTW, If you want fetchmail to download all messages, read or not,
either use an inferior protocol such as POP3 (it doesn't give the read
status as IMAP does) or specify the 'fetchall' option.


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