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Mail & News Reader

Hi everyone.

Sorry for using high priority, but for me the matter is very urgent.

I hope this question has not been asked ad nauseam before, if yes,
please except my apology and direct me to the place this list's storage

So far I have been using a Windows 3.x based newsreader (OUI) but it has
a tendency to keep crashing way too often with disastrous results like
deleting ALL postings saved so far.
As I urgently need those newsgroups I have to switch as fast as

With a new ISDN card installed I can now - finally - switch over to
Linux for email and news retrieval.

I need a program / programs able to to the following:
- retrieve email / newsgroups automatically or (definitely preferred)
whenever I fell like retrieving them.
- consecutively contact serveral mail servers and news servers, some of
them requiring autentification.
- sort incoming e-mail (and , hopefully) usenet news into several
directories according to the mailing list / sublist they came from,
sender or any other ciriterion.
- keep Japanese, Korean and other asian emails on the respective server
as I don't know how to read AND answer them using Linux. If anybody
knows a solution to this, please share it with me.

I do not want to use netscape or any other monster with severely limited

As far as I know I should have the following to receive and send emails
and participate in usenet newsgroups:
- ISDN for Linux
- a mail retrieval program : fetchmail ?
- a mail transport agent (MTA) : procmail ? exim ?
- a mail reader : tin, mutt ?
- a news reader ?

Am I correct so far. Would you accept the suggestions above (suggestions
I once received from unix users).

As far as I know, Debian prefers exim as an MTA. Should I stick to this
or use procmail?

What else do I need.

Any help will be gratefully accepted.
If you prefer not to answer in English pleae feel free to use any of the
following languages (alphabetical order): Danish / Norwegian, Dutch,
French, German, Italian, Japanese.

Many thanks in advance.

Please try to answer to the list

Axel Schlicht

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