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Re: Mail & News Reader

axel.schlicht@mail.isis.de (Axel Schlicht) writes:

> As far as I know I should have the following to receive and send emails
> and participate in usenet newsgroups:
> - ISDN for Linux
> - a mail retrieval program : fetchmail ?
> - a mail transport agent (MTA) : procmail ? exim ?
> - a mail reader : tin, mutt ?
> - a news reader ?
> Am I correct so far. Would you accept the suggestions above (suggestions
> I once received from unix users).
> As far as I know, Debian prefers exim as an MTA. Should I stick to this
> or use procmail?

I started with: fetchmail->exim->procmail->mutt(mail)+tin(news)
These are powewrful and all you need to do the job. The easiest to
set up are fetchmail,exim,tin.

For setting up procmail and mutt i recommend you do a google-search
for procmailrc and muttrc.This will give you other users actual
working files which you can modify for your usage.A good site for
an introduction is: linuxbrit.co.uk

If you want a mail+news reader all in one-super-duper package then
use Gnus+Emacs or Gnus+Xemacs to replace mutt and tin. Gnus also
has filtering which can replace procmail filtering and you can tell
Gnus how to fetch your mail from your servers.

So if you choose Gnus+Emacs/Xemacs then you will only have to configure
exim plus Gnus.



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