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Re: Mail & News Reader

At 07:54 AM 4/2/2001 +0200, Axel Schlicht wrote:


As far as I know I should have the following to receive and send emails
and participate in usenet newsgroups:
- ISDN for Linux
- a mail retrieval program : fetchmail ?
- a mail transport agent (MTA) : procmail ? exim ?
- a mail reader : tin, mutt ?
- a news reader ?

For mail, I use exim with a .forward file for filtering (I've never been able to get procmail to behave), fetchmail and mutt.

For news, I use leafnode to pull a newsfeed down at regular intervals. I then read with slrn. slrn-pull also can be used to fetch usenet messages, but I've never used it.

Am I correct so far. Would you accept the suggestions above (suggestions
I once received from unix users).

As far as I know, Debian prefers exim as an MTA. Should I stick to this
or use procmail?

I've had problems with procmail, but I can only speak for myself. If you're going to use exim, then you can set up a .forward file and filter your mail easily.


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