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Re: globally setting tab=4 spaces?

If you can't be helpful with your words, be helpful by your silence, Bill.
Will, I think it's in terminfo.  man 5 terminfo points you to the it
variable.  But it looks like /etc/terminfo/l/linux is a binary... It's
days like this when I curse the day that Debian switched from termcap to
terminfo.  I'd have suggested you just change the termcap entry, but I'm
not too hot on the process for changing terminfo.  I hope this gives you a
starting point though...

On 1 Apr 2001, Bill Wohler wrote:

>will trillich <will@serensoft.com> writes:
>> is there a way to change the default 8-col tab to 4-col?
>> system-wide? (this is linux, after all...)
>  Yes, this is Linux. This means that the standard for hard tabs is 8
>  characters wide.
>  If you ever want to exchange files with anyone else, and you want
>  them to be able to read your files without getting a headache,
>  please either ensure that your tab key inserts spaces, or your hard
>  tabs are 8 characters wide.
>  Many coding conventions require this.

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