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Re: Mail & News Reader

Hello Axel,

* Axel Schlicht wrote:

> With a new ISDN card installed I can now - finally - switch over to
> Linux for email and news retrieval.
> I need a program / programs able to to the following:
> - retrieve email / newsgroups automatically or (definitely preferred)
> whenever I fell like retrieving them.

fetchmail for mail and fetchnews (belongs to leafnode) for news. 

> - consecutively contact serveral mail servers and news servers, some of
> them requiring autentification.


> - sort incoming e-mail (and , hopefully) usenet news into several
> directories according to the mailing list / sublist they came from,
> sender or any other ciriterion.

procmail is a very good mailfilter.

> I do not want to use netscape or any other monster with severely limited
> abilities.

Very good.
> As far as I know I should have the following to receive and send emails
> and participate in usenet newsgroups:
> - ISDN for Linux

or capi4linux if you bought a AVM-ISDN-card and wants to send a fax

> - a mail retrieval program : fetchmail ?


> - a mail transport agent (MTA) : procmail ? exim ?

procmail is not a mta. there are many other MTA's out there
qmail,postfix,smail ... , but I prefer good old sendmail. 

> - a mail reader : tin, mutt ?

tin is a newsreader.
There are GUI's, too like Tkrat, Kmail, Balsa, Xfmail,
Postilion ...
But mutt is the best ;-)

> - a news reader ?

I prefer a patched version of mutt, because i like it so much and 
don't read news very often, so i don't want to learn another fine
program. ¹

> Am I correct so far. Would you accept the suggestions above (suggestions
> I once received from unix users).
> As far as I know, Debian prefers exim as an MTA. Should I stick to this
> or use procmail?

I would try sendmail, but I think exim do the same work.

> What else do I need.

I think a cryptography program would be very useful, if you 
want to sign and/or encrypt your mail. I prefer Gnu Privacy Guard
By the way it works great in combination with mutt.
There are some good procmail rules to have a better 
compatibility with broken MUA's.

> Any help will be gratefully accepted.
> If you prefer not to answer in English pleae feel free to use any of the
> following languages (alphabetical order): Danish / Norwegian, Dutch,
> French, German, Italian, Japanese.

wow, german would be good.

> Many thanks in advance.

no problem.

> Please try to answer to the list

only my 2 euro 
and sorry for my bad english, but I want to learn it by using it.


P.S: the right signature at the moment

¹ I've make deb's of mutt-nntp, too

# Packman unstable
deb ftp://ftp.links2linux.de/pub/packman/debian/ unstable/i386/
deb-src ftp://ftp.links2linux.de/pub/packman/debian/ unstable/src/
# Packman stable
deb ftp://ftp.links2linux.de/pub/packman/debian/ stable/i386/
deb-src ftp://ftp.links2linux.de/pub/packman/debian/ stable/src/

Version 1.3.17

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