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Re: Bad exim configuration (was: fetchmail gives me headache)

Morten Liebach wrote:
> [...]
> My /etc/inetd.conf looks like this:
> #:MAIL: Mail, news and uucp services.
> smtp            stream  tcp     nowait  mail    /usr/sbin/exim exim -bs
> nntp            stream  tcp     nowait  news    /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/leafnode
> #:INFO: Info services
> finger          stream  tcp     nowait  nobody  /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/in.fingerd
> ident           stream  tcp     wait    identd  /usr/sbin/identd        identd
> These are the only lines that are not commented out. Try to copy the
> line for smtp from above, it should work.

And so I did... It works!

> Do you actually need all the things you have running?

Certainly not. I barely know what they are good for. You see I have a
lot to learn...

> Is it slink you use?

Yes, but I want to upgrade to potato as soon as the CDs are easily
available for me. I downloaded quite a big part of slink from the
Internet (about 210 packages) and I have a *really* slow connection,
so I don't want to go through this again.
I will need potato for X. The slink version doesn't work for my video

> [...]
> > This is the output of nmap in my case:
> >
> >   9 tcp discard
> >  13 tcp daytime
> >  21 tcp ftp
> >  23 tcp telnet
> >  37 tcp time
> >  79 tcp finger
> > 111 tcp sunrpc
> > 113 tcp auth
> > 512 tcp exec
> > 513 tcp login
> > 514 tcp shell
> > 515 tcp printer
> It isn't a very secure setup on anything but a ``trusted network'',
> whatever that is.

I'm not surprised to read that.

> As you are on a dial-up like me, you probably don't need any of these
> ports, nmap of my machine:
> Port    State       Protocol  Service
> 22      open        tcp        ssh          secure shell.
> 25      open        tcp        smtp         EXIM!!!
> 79      open        tcp        finger       nifty thing, not important.
> 80      open        tcp        http         Apache, dwww on-line docs
> 113     open        tcp        auth         identd, for IRC ...
> 119     open        tcp        nntp         leafnode newsserver.
> 515     open        tcp        printer      ...
> 1024    open        tcp        unknown      What is this??
> 6000    open        tcp        X11          ...
> Ports 79 and 113 could be shut down ... but doing that isn't very
> inportant for me.

nmap now gives me the following list:

Open ports on woof (
Port Number Protocol Service
 25         tcp      smtp
111         tcp      sunrpc
515         tcp      printer

...though I still don't know what sunrpc is good for.

> > [...]
> > Please would you be so kind to check them if they are correct?
> Sure!
> > [...]
> > Q: Which user accounts should system administrator mail go to?
> > A: andy
> Is ``andy'' your username?


> If so, your outgoing mail will claim to come
> from andy@woof with this setup [...]

eximconfig says:
        Mail for the 'postmaster and 'root' accounts is usually
        redirected to one or more user accounts of the actual system
        administrator [...who is me...]. By default [...] mail for
        postmaster and for various system accounts is redirected to
        root, and mail for 'root' is redirected to a real user [...]
        Which user account(s) should system administrators mail go to?
        Enter one or more usernames [...] Enter 'none if you want to
        leave this mail in root's mailbox - NB this is strongly
        disencouraged [...]

By entering 'andy' I have got messages from my system delivered to
I have to explain that this isn't really local delivery as I have a
standalone PC with no LAN. It just goes from localhost to localhost.
This happened several times and I felt nothing bad about it.
Isn't this common practice? If not, what else should I enter?
> > Well, at least I know that exim works for _local deliveries_ [...]
> So it is just a broken inetd.conf.

Shouldn't inetd.conf have been updated during the installation of exim?
Perhaps it is a bug in the exim package, but I haven't checked the bug
report yet.

> Fix it as per above, and do a ``killall -HUP inetd''.

And so I did. Mail is now delivered to /var/spool/mail/andy just like
I thought. Thank you very much again.
The next thing will be setting up mutt.
> > > [...] Look at my homepage [...]

I will have a thorough look at your .muttrc...


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