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Re: Strange things like drwx--S--- with elm...

Eric G . Miller wrote:
> Your description of fetchmail opening an elm display does not jibe
> with my experience in using fetchmail.

The reason for this was probably the following entry in my
        mda "/usr/bin/elm"
fetchmail --version gave me the following explanation:
        Messages will be delivered with "/usr/bin/elm".

> Generally fetchmail polls a POP or IMAP server for mail and delivers
> it to the local smtp server.

I guess you mean the mail transport agent (exim in my case). Please
correct me if I'm wrong. I changed the mda option to /usr/sbin/exim
anyway. Is this OK? I hope it will work.

> The mail should be delivered to /var/mail/<user> if everything is
> configured properly.

This looks like /var/spool/mail/<user> in my case.

> Do you have a ~/.forward file that may be causing weird behavior?

No. It might have been just the wrong entry for mda. But I will see...

Thanks for your help,

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