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Re: Bad exim configuration (was: fetchmail gives me headache)

On 23, aug, 2000 at 07:50:54 +0200, Andreas Hetzmannseder wrote:
> Morten Liebach wrote:
> > [...]
> > _IS_ exim running and listening on port 25?
> > 
> > If not, ``SMTP Transaction error'' would be the error message, since
> > fetchmail speaks SMTP to exim on port 25 (fetchmail says ``Hi, I've got
> > mail for you'', and exim says nothing, so fetchmail times out and tell
> > you ``SMTP Transaction error'').
> > 
> > Look in /etc/inetd.conf for a line that starts with ``smtp'', what does
> > it say?
> There is no such line.
> This is how my inetd.conf looks like:


My /etc/inetd.conf looks like this:

#:MAIL: Mail, news and uucp services.
smtp		stream	tcp	nowait	mail	/usr/sbin/exim exim -bs
nntp		stream	tcp	nowait	news	/usr/sbin/tcpd	/usr/sbin/leafnode

#:INFO: Info services
finger		stream	tcp	nowait	nobody	/usr/sbin/tcpd	/usr/sbin/in.fingerd
ident		stream	tcp	wait	identd	/usr/sbin/identd	identd

These are the only lines that are not commented out. Try to copy the
line for smtp from above, it should work.
Do you actually need all the things you have running?
Is it slink you use?

> > Try a portscanner too (nmap f.ex., do a `nmap localhost', look for this
> > line:   25      open        tcp        smtp )
> There isn't such a line either.
> This is the output of nmap in my case:
>   9 tcp discard	
>  13 tcp daytime
>  21 tcp ftp
>  23 tcp telnet
>  37 tcp time
>  79 tcp finger
> 111 tcp sunrpc
> 113 tcp auth
> 512 tcp exec
> 513 tcp login
> 514 tcp shell
> 515 tcp printer

It isn't a very secure setup on anything but a ``trusted network'',
whatever that is.
As you are on a dial-up like me, you probably don't need any of these
ports, nmap of my machine:

Port    State       Protocol  Service
22      open        tcp        ssh          secure shell.
25      open        tcp        smtp         EXIM!!!
79      open        tcp        finger       nifty thing, not important.
80      open        tcp        http         Apache, dwww on-line docs
113     open        tcp        auth         identd, for IRC ...
119     open        tcp        nntp         leafnode newsserver.
515     open        tcp        printer      ...
1024    open        tcp        unknown      What is this??
6000    open        tcp        X11          ...

Ports 79 and 113 could be shut down ... but doing that isn't very
inportant for me.

> > If exim isn't listenig, that's the real problem, not fetchmail.
> You were right! I never would have found it out by myself.
> So it seems that I have to reconfigure inetd.conf as well. Do you know
> how I can manage this?
> Or maybe it is just that I gave the wrong answers to eximconfig...
> Next comes a list of eximconfig's questions and my answers to them.
> Please would you be so kind to check them if they are correct?


> Q: What is the visible mail name of your system? This will appear on
>    From: lines of outgoing messages.
> A: woof

It should be something like mine: hotpost.dk, with just ``woof'' you
mail will look like <username>@woof, and that's not a valid e-mail

> Q: Does this system have any other names which may appear on incoming
>    messages, apart from the visible name above (woof) and the system's
>    hostname (woof)? [...]
> A: localhost

This is good, fetchmail rewrites the headers to say
<username>@localhost, but exim allways accepts localhost by default ...

> Q: [...] Are there any domains you want to relay mail for --- that is
>    you are prepared to accept mail for them from anywhere on the
>    internet, but they are not local domains. [...]
> A: none


> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The answer above might be wrong in the first place, but I just didn't
> know what to enter else. Is this the place for my provider's domain?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Q: [...] Are there any networks of local machines you want to relay mail
>    for?
> A: none

Probably OK.

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The answer above looks right to me as I have a standalone PC with dialup
> connection to my provider.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Q: [...] Would you like to use the RBL?
> A: n (for no)

OK, I tried to say Yes, with no ill effect, and I'm on a dial-up type
cable connection.

> Q: Which machine will act as the smarthost and handle outgoing mail?
> A: smtp.netway.at

I use ``none'' here, but this is probably OK.

> Q: Which user accounts should system administrator mail go to?
> A: andy

Is ``andy'' your username? If so, your outgoing mail will claim to come
from andy@woof with this setup, hardly what you want.

> Well, at least I know that exim works for _local deliveries_, as I get
> some error messages to /var spool/mail/... every now and then.

So it is just a broken inetd.conf.
Fix it as per above, and do a ``killall -HUP inetd''.

> > [...] Look at my homepage [...]
> I certainly will. I already have installed mutt, it looks really nice.
> Thank you very much so far,
> Andreas.

Happy to be of help.

UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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