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Re: My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 03:49:50PM -0400, Andrew Whitlock wrote:
> I'm a newbie, I started with Debian ^_^

greetings from another once-newbie that also started with Debian (four
years ago).

> As a newbie to Debian and proud owner of a mere 56Kbps connection, I'd have
> to say I much prefer stuff on the distribution CDs ^_^;;  It's not clear to
> me at this juncture whether the motion really means the non-free will be
> pulled from the distribution altogether, but it seems logical.

i think that'll be the kicker. those of use with (slow|no) connection
at home will pay a price, either through long download times, or having
to find/burn our own non-free CD. i would hope that, if non-free (and i
assume contrib must follow) is pulled that it would be relatively easy
to make a non-free CD, even if it's suddenly "Unofficial" Debian.

I'm blessed enough to be able to use Debian at work and am in a position
to make it our "official Linux distro." if non-free gets pulled, a simple
/etc/apt/sources.list entry would suffice where there's a fast internet
connection (perhaps real Debian could even come configured that way),
just like HelixCode did for their wonderful debs of GNOME.

but, i have been playing around a bit with the new Mandrake 7.1, and it
sure is sweet...

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