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Re: My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 04:08:59PM -0400, eric a . Farris wrote:
> i think that'll be the kicker. those of use with (slow|no) connection
> at home will pay a price, either through long download times, or having
> to find/burn our own non-free CD. i would hope that, if non-free (and i
> assume contrib must follow) is pulled that it would be relatively easy
> to make a non-free CD, even if it's suddenly "Unofficial" Debian.

Who makes a non-free CD now?  That's the whole point of non-free; the
bits in there have license or patent issues that prevent distribution
via commercial media like CDs.  Anyone selling a non-free CD is almost
certainly violating laws.

It's be cool if everyone would calm down and realise that this is
simply a call for a vote; the resolution will likely fail but hopefully
it will prompt people to think about what Debian really is (and I
agree with those who feel that Debian is primarily here to promote
free software; that's why I use it).

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