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My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

	As foreword:

	please note that I can't figure the consequences that it can give stopping
to provide bug track facilities.

>then Debian will no longer provide the
>storage, bandwidth, and bug tracking facilities for non-free packages,
>including acroread, blender, netscape, jdk, povray, trn, and xanim.

	Of course, the fact that from now on you'd have to get the non-free
packages in a much more scattered way adds more difficulty. But well,
Debian is not Mandrake or SuSE. A typical newbie won't start with Debian
(I'm perhaps a special newbie because I have the tendency to interpret all
kinds of events in a sociopolitical way, and this is the reason why I
choosed Debian instead of Slackware, which was the distribution I learnt).
So for me this Resolution does not add trouble to Debian's future.

	Actually putting all these stuff in the server costs money. And we're
tired to see Netscape Now! buttons everywhere. If you push that buttons you
go a money-filled server, owned by a large multinational. If Debian can
save money with this action it's good to me.

	It's a pity that Resolution also can include much smaller companies (I
have more respect for them) but I understand the Resolution coherence.

	Of course I also use non-free packages (look at the mailer info above!).
But if I can find free packages that do the same work than the non-free
I'll switch to them.


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