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Re: My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

> > A typical newbie won't start with Debian
>    While that is probably true, I don't think that should be the basis for
> Debian's mode of operation.  Debian needs new users and it needs to be
> designed to appeal to new users while still maintaining the qualities that
> separate it from the other GNU/Linux distributions.

I'm a newbie, I started with Debian ^_^

For what it's worth, I've had to install non-.deb packages in /usr/local,
and to tell the truth I like having it installed "properly" with dpkg.  I
just subbed last night and this thread has kinda been a downer for me,
although I intend to stick with the distribution (it's great!).  There seem
to be varying opinions as to the implications of the motion.  My novice mind
sees slower upgrade paths and more junk in /usr/local, but others seem to
not see it that way...

As a newbie to Debian and proud owner of a mere 56Kbps connection, I'd have
to say I much prefer stuff on the distribution CDs ^_^;;  It's not clear to
me at this juncture whether the motion really means the non-free will be
pulled from the distribution altogether, but it seems logical.

...and hello, I'm new ;-)  Sorry for the largely opinionated content.

Andrew W.

astrogeek@dork.com - "Dude"
'67 Kombi / '67 Westy
"It's no problem." ** Georgia
Mechanic, stargazer, wanderer.

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