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Re: Nessus & potato

Message from Cc debian-user@lists.debian.org at 07/06/00 02:20:12PM:
> Pollywog <pollywog@shadypond.com> writes:
> > You do need to install nessusd on the machine you are going to scan, right?
> Really?  I don't think that is the case.  I thought the whole point
> was to be able to scan a machine from the outside
> The solution to my problem turns out to be a missing directory:
> /var/lib/nessus
> Dan

 I can confirm that this isn't the case..  You install nessusd on the 
computer you want the scan to originate from.   Then you can run the 
nessus client from any machine, connecting to the nessusd.  

 For EOF problems, have you installed nessus-plugins?  Nessus isn't very
useful without them. :) 

Michael Janssen 
College of Natural Sciences
University of Northern Iowa

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