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Re: My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

"eric a . Farris" wrote:
> i think that'll be the kicker. those of use with (slow|no) connection
> at home will pay a price, either through long download times, or having
> to find/burn our own non-free CD. i would hope that, if non-free (and i
> assume contrib must follow) is pulled that it would be relatively easy
> to make a non-free CD, even if it's suddenly "Unofficial" Debian.

I don't know about you, but I never got a non-free cd with my official
Debian cd's. Non-free has never been a part of official Debian releases

I paid a 3rd party seperately for a CD-R containing the non-free deb's.
Before that I just downloaded a few over my 33.6k dialup. My official
Slink cd's contain only main and contrib.

The non-free section is only connected with the official Debian via its
online distribution (ie debian ftp sites and mirrors) and the bug
tracking system, both of which would be affected by this GR. The debs
themselves would still be free to exist - just not on the debian


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