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Re: Slink to Potato

markzimm@rmi.net writes:
> > I've been slowly upgrading my packages from slink to potato, and
> > frankly, have never had a single problem.
> How are you doing this?  Do you just go get the packages and 'dpkg -i' them
> or do you use apt?  There are a bunch of things I want to upgrade on my
> system but I assumed that all of the potato packages would have dependencies
> to library versions I don't have and that updating my libraries would
> break slink packages that I do have.

No, I just do it the normal way, with dselect.

I put all of my packages on `hold' (with the `=' key, which seems to
mark everything in a section if you do it on the section header), added
the unstable distributions to my sources.list (I use the apt dselect
backend) file, and then whenever I want to upgrade something, I just use
dselect, which tells me of any repercussions that might follow.

One of the first things I upgraded was glibc, to version 2.1, which may
have made subsequent changes easier (that change, BTW, was also
absolutely painless).

It might be nice if there were a `put everything on hold' command, or
even multiple `named holds' (so you could put things on hold for
different reasons simultaneously, and more easily manipulate sets of

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