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Slink to Potato


I know that the basic issues of my question have been asked many times
here previously.  But, time goes on and things change.  Maybe this all
too important issue needs to be addressed again.

When I talked with some Debian folks at Linux World, they indicated
that Potato was fairly stable and that I could safely upgrade a Slink
installation to Potato without problems.  However, when looking at the
mailing list archives, it seems that it isn't so.  For one, perl and
everything it depends on is broken.  Ooops!

There was some talk about putting out an interim release with updated
packages.  That talk seems to have died out.

There was also some talk about bringing the latest applications from
Unstable to Stable so that Stable remains up to date, which is kind of
what they do with the Linux kernel.  Without some mechanism to do
this, Debian is badly outdated.  Slink still ships with Enlightenment
0.14, Gnome 0.30 and LyX 0.12--my favorite tools are hopelessly

I need a 2.2 kernel before I can use Debian on my main box.  But, I am
experimenting with Slink on a small Pentium box.  I must say that
everything works wonderfully.  I can apt-get through my big box's
ip-chains.  Everything is cool except for the legacy major
components, like the windows managers.

I want to upgrade the packages to the latest.  I know that many Debian
users do this because nobody could remain happy with standard Slink
for long.  Is there a standard place for updated packages?  If there
isn't, there should be.  At least I want the latest released Gnome,
Enlightenment, LyX and GIMP--all the major packages which take so much
effort to compile and install from tarballs.  Somebody has done this.

Where do I start?

What can we do to help others with this common problem?

Thank you ahead of time.


Arne Flones

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