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Re: Slink to Potato


On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 longship@keyway.net wrote:

> When I talked with some Debian folks at Linux World, they indicated
> that Potato was fairly stable and that I could safely upgrade a Slink
> installation to Potato without problems.  However, when looking at the
> mailing list archives, it seems that it isn't so.  For one, perl and
> everything it depends on is broken.  Ooops!

It was at one point. That has been fixed now.

For the most part, you can update a slink system to potato with no
trouble. However, there's always the possibility that something will
break, like the Lilo problem of a few days ago (which, BTW, has been
temporarily downgraded to a working version)...

> There was also some talk about bringing the latest applications from
> Unstable to Stable so that Stable remains up to date, which is kind of
> what they do with the Linux kernel.  Without some mechanism to do
> this, Debian is badly outdated.  Slink still ships with Enlightenment
> 0.14, Gnome 0.30 and LyX 0.12--my favorite tools are hopelessly
> unusable.

Depending on the particular package, recompiling for slink can be as
simple as "apt-get --compile source packagename" (with a new enough
version of apt, of course). The versioned Perl dependancies and such can
be fixed by editing debian/control in the downloaded source.

Of course, there _could_ be libraries that need upgrading to, or a program
may really need glibc 2.1 and can't work with 2.0 in slink. That's why i
said "can be" above ;)

> I need a 2.2 kernel before I can use Debian on my main box.  But, I am
> experimenting with Slink on a small Pentium box.  I must say that
> everything works wonderfully.  I can apt-get through my big box's
> ip-chains.  Everything is cool except for the legacy major
> components, like the windows managers.

There's a howto somewhere on the Debian site saying which packages have to
be updated to use a 2.2 kernel with Slink. Also, in the kernel sources
from your.fav.mirror.kernel.org there's a listing of various software and
which version it should be.

> I want to upgrade the packages to the latest.  I know that many Debian
> users do this because nobody could remain happy with standard Slink
> for long. 

I could, given the proper circumstances. For example, the webserver where
i work still runs Apache 0.8.something since "If it ain't broke, don't fix

> Is there a standard place for updated packages?  If there isn't, there
> should be.  At least I want the latest released Gnome, Enlightenment,
> LyX and GIMP--all the major packages which take so much effort to
> compile and install from tarballs.  Somebody has done this.

It's not standard, but check out ftp.netgod.net/x. Many slinkified apps

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