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Re: default fonts in NS 4.05 unreadable

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 12:35:30AM -0700, Dave Thayer wrote:

> It was a pretty uneventful installation, but read /usr/doc/xfstt/FAQ.gz.

Strange, on my hamm box installing xfstt was a pretty eventful job. First, 
there is no FAQ.gz. Maybe it is in the slink but I can't install that to a 
hamm box, can I? Then there is a problem with starting xfstt. It looks like 
there is an error in the start script because if I type '/etc/init.d/xfstt
start' I get a line that looks like xfstt telling me how it wants to get 
invoked. A bit later xdm tries to start but the screen doesn't come up. It's 
flashing and I have to login from another computer, take down xdm, start xfstt 
by hand and start xdm again.

Then and only then everything works fine and I can view web pages with 
Netscape without getting eye cancer. :)

I haven't even mentioned the fact that the name of the xfstt start script was 
in fact 'xfstt-dpkg-new' and that I had to browse the net for the line I had 
to add to the FontPath in XF86Config. unix:/7101 didn't work, whyever.

Now I wonder what's broken on this system and do I have to expect something 
like that on slink, too?

> In particular there are some details regarding choosing font size for
> netscape. What I did, in a nutshell, was

Regarding font sizes in Netscape: Is it ok that I can't choose the font size 
for a TTF? I think in Windows this is possible and at the moment I'm using the 
content of a \WINNT\Fonts directory. Are there free fonts which look as good 
or even better?

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