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Re: default fonts in NS 4.05 unreadable

On Tue, Jan 12, 1999 at 09:37:49PM -0800, Mark Wagnon wrote:
> Dave Thayer wrote:
> > 
> > In Windows you have TrueType fonts which display much more nicely than
> > X fonts, especially on a lower res screen. I installed xfstt from slink
> > which vastly improved Netscape on my 640x480 laptop screen.
> > 
> I decided to try a fresh look for X and install xfstt. Is there anything
> that needs to be done after installing it? I made a link to my windows
> fonts, and I can preview them when I run the tst.sh file, but what am I
> not doing to make fonts available for netscape, etc?

It was a pretty uneventful installation, but read /usr/doc/xfstt/FAQ.gz.
In particular there are some details regarding choosing font size for
netscape. What I did, in a nutshell, was

 -Set up symlinks from /dosc/windows/fonts to
 -Start up the font server: /etc/init.d/xfstt start
 -Add to the Files section of /etc/X11/XF86Config:
  FontPath        "unix/:7101"
 -Restart X and set up netscape as per the FAQ.
your pal dave

Dave Thayer
Denver, Colorado USA
dthayer@netcom.com david.thayer@state.co.us

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