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Diskussion einer neuen e-Mail Kultur


Gestattet mir, dass ich mich als Neuling auf dieser Liste
mit einem Vorschlag zur Reduktion des e-Mail Aufkommens an Euch wende.

In e-Mail Listen für andere Betriebssysteme gibt es die Kultur, dass
- Anfragen an die Liste gestellte werden,
- die Antworter, ihre Antworten und Bemerkungen direkt an den Absender richten,
- der Fragende zum Schluss die Lösung des Problems als Summary wieder an
  die Liste zurückgibt.

Zur Erläuterung hänge ich eine entsprechende Administrativa
der Liste über tru64 in Auszügen an.

Was haltet Ihr davon?

Viele Grüsse


Tru64-UNIX-Managers Information and Rules

This message is a summary of the Tru64-UNIX-managers charter and rules.
Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe chastisement by
the list maintainer and other list participants. Retain a copy of this
statement and refer to it before submitting messages to the list or the list

Last modified: 2002-10-09 |

  1. Send only HP Tru64 UNIX  system management questions and  |
     summaries to tru64-unix-managers@ornl.gov.
     Include your return address in
     the body of your message so people can reply directly to you.
     Avoid MIME and HTML--many people can't read them.

  2. This list is not moderated! Every message that is sent to the
     list will
     be passed on to every member of the list
    (with a few small exceptions).

  4. This list is intended to be a quick-turnaround troubleshooting aid for
those who administer and manage Alpha AXP systems running Tru64 UNIX. |
     Its primary purpose is to provide the Tru64 UNIX manager with a quick
     source of information for time-critical system management problems.

  5. This list is not available as a digest. If you don't want a bunch of
     list messages cluttering your mailbox, use procmail, deliver, or some
     other filtering mechanism to file list messages in a separate folder.
     You can also unsubscribe from the list and read it via the web

  6. Answers to questions are to be mailed back to the questioner and are
     not to be sent to the entire list. Before responding, please make sure
     the questioner hasn't already posted a summary. People often respond
     very quickly to messages posted to the list and it's not unusual for a
     summary to be posted within an hour of the original question. This is
     especially important if you only read list messages periodically.

  7. The person who originally asked the question has the responsibility of
     summarizing the answers and sending the entire summary back to the
     list. Consider this the price you pay for the advice you receive. When
     a summary is sent back to the list, it should contain the word
     "SUMMARY" as the first word of the "Subject" line. The summary should
     include a brief description of the original question and a short
     synopsis of each of the unique responses. Don't just list the
     respondents or say the problem is fixed, and don't just include a copy
     of all of the responses.

  8. Discussions on any topic are very strongly discouraged and will not
     normally be tolerated.

  9. Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), also known as "SPAM", is, of
     course, not allowed. If you receive an inappropriate message via the
     list, feel free to complain to the originator or the originator's
     service provider. Do not post complaints to the list.

 10. If it is not technical and specifically related to Tru64 UNIX
     management, then it does not belong on this list. Requests for vendor
     recommendations are tolerated, provided that the hardware in question
     is something that system managers normally purchase.

11. Requests for software (free or otherwise) should be limited to software
     that is directly related to Tru64 UNIX management.

12. Tru64 UNIX-related job offers must be submitted for posting to the list | owner at tru64-unix-managers-owner@ornl.gov. Resumes should be posted | to the relevant *.resumes newsgroups. |

 13. Please...Think before you send a message! Ask yourself "Is this really
     appropriate?" There are enough other newsgroups and mailing lists
     around to cover the marginal topics. Perhaps there is another forum
     that is more appropriate.

Dave Sill
Tru64-UNIX-Managers maintainer
Workstation Support
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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