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Re: debian.ch logo for (not only) T-Shirts

martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach Daniel Mettler <mettlerd@numlock.ch> [2008.02.29.0143 +0100]:
wearing a shirt with an imprinted bank account no. would kind of
make me feel uncomfortable (but that's just me, perhaps).


i'm aware that the bank account no. is a reference to sth typically swiss. the association debian <-> banks is imho a bit odd, however. that's just my gut feeling.. maybe i'm too picky.

as an association, i'd rather prefer debian <-> chocolate/matterhorn/swiss_cross/.. or so ;)

regarding the fusion of the swirl and the swiss cross: what about transforming the cross using a "swirl"-like filter? would give it a nice twist, imho ;) (see 02 for an amateurish sketch)

this is also pretty cool. it may be a little too blurred

it would need to be implemented using a mathematically exact "swirl" filter in gimp or so. the sketch is just a hand-made fake as i don't know how to create such a filter (-> anybody? :)

(besides, the correct swirl orientation should be used ;)

how did you do that?

i've made it using a tablet pc/wacom digitizer and an ordinary "smear" effect tool



Daniel Mettler                        http://www.numlock.ch/news/

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