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Re: debian.ch logo for (not only) T-Shirts

On Friday 29 February 2008 01.43:38 Daniel Mettler wrote:
> wearing a shirt with an imprinted bank account no. would kind of
> make me feel uncomfortable

AOL - yes, we founded debian.ch to hold money, but our focus isn't the 
amount of money on that account.

I'd prefer the URL (.ch or .org) to the account number.

I like the two designs where the swirl was small in the middle of the cross 
best, next comes the "sovjet" shirt.  I was thinking about a design with a 
small cross inside the swirl, but my trials didn't please me enough to be 
kept - maybe someone else has more luck there.

(.... and I'm still waiting for somebody to find a printer who can print a 
big swirl going over all segments of an umbrella with enough precision so 
that it looks good .... last time this came up, everybody only could print 
on segments with whitespace towards the seams, probably they print on the 
finished umbrella, not on the cloth before sewing.)

-- vbi

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