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Re: debian.ch logo for (not only) T-Shirts


martin f krafft wrote:
No, there is no "typical Swiss bank account number", but my theory
is that any unlabeled "number" on a Switzerland-related shirt would
be taken as a bank account number, at least by everyone outside of

wearing a shirt with an imprinted bank account no. would kind of make me feel uncomfortable (but that's just me, perhaps). i'd prefer an eye-catching "debian.ch" instead (on the front or back). e.g. sth similar to sketch 01, but of course using the official debian logo font.

regarding the fusion of the swirl and the swiss cross: what about transforming the cross using a "swirl"-like filter? would give it a nice twist, imho ;) (see 02 for an amateurish sketch)

(shirt: either in "debian" red/magenta or "swiss" red, whatever suits better)



p.s. please note that i'm not a designer at all. the sketches are solely meant for demonstration and inspiration of more gifted ppl.

Daniel Mettler                        http://www.numlock.ch/news/

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