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Re: Netboot E250 -- tftp problem

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 09:38:30AM +0800, Hero_xbd!.RRR wrote:
> Martin wrote:
> But does that metter? We just want to get the SUN box to netboot, don't we?
>> This seems vaugely familiar.  I have a vauge memory of having problems
>> getting a Sun machine to netboot and finding out it was a cabling
>> problem.  Have you tried swaping the Sun machine for another boxen and
>> pulling the netboot file from the server?  This should tell you if it's
>> a cabling / switch problem.
> I have successfully pulled the files through TFTP to my PC in dormitory  
> (TFTP server is at lab). Does it infer there is no problem here?

Are you using tftpd-hpa? I know that with MIPS, IIRC, other tftp servers
didn't work. I have encoutered that problem before. I seem to recall
some discussion (possibly on debian-mips) about explicitly recommending
tftpd-hpa in the installation manual, but it doesn't seem to.


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