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Re: More on Netra X1

Ben Collins wrote:
> > I can't mount root thru NFS, since I have no network :(
> I've only been awake for an hour, and only one cup of coffee. I'm sure
> it shows :)

that's why I use win98 on vmware during the morning. Its speed matches
mine :))

> Well the best bet is to have one system running something like minicom,
> with an account I can log into. Then you could forward a connection to
> that system (if you do this, please make it an ssh login)i, and have it
> connected to the X1 via serial cable.

I wish I could give you a shell on our network, but I can't :(
I'll see what I could do about it. I'd like to contribute.

.  Simone Caldana - System and Network Manager at Vitaminic spa  .
.  simone.caldana@vitaminic.net       http://simone.caldana.org  .

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