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RE : cctbx debian package

Hello Radi

> They don't have a 'cctbx.h'. annlib_adaptbx is using ann_adaptor.h to include
> #include <ANNSELF_INCLUDE/ANN.h>
> I investigated this and it looks that only rstbx_integration_ext.so and
> annlib_ext.so are using this header.

ok so nothing else than python extensions are using thoses ann files.

> So you mean to link the symbols of this private library statically into the
> extensions?

I mean add all the annlib_adaptbx to the extensions. The objects should be
considere as normal boject fron the extension point of view.
to be more precise.

the annlib_adaptbx files should be considere like additionnal source files to the extension.
Ne need in that case to produce a public annlib_adaptbx shared library.

Is is clear ?


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