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RE : RE : cctbx debian package

> I don't think a python3 package is supported. I'd have to do a 2to3 or something
> like that to avoid fixing up everything.

no it was just a "maybe one day the upstream will care about python3". It is difficult enough like this :)

> I liked a lot to the description of all libraries provided in the control file. thanks. It helps a lot to understand cctbx for new comers like me.

> Yeah but I had to remove some of the descriptions since I split up a few
> packages like libiotbx into libiotbx-mtz etc. I'll have to dive into it to see
> what that library does.

maybe you should ask the upstream about all this on there mailing list. It is good a "entree en matiere".
you should explain that you are working on a Deban package for cctbx and ask them for all descritions.
It is important to work on this description things with the upstream as it is an entry point for the library.
then ask debian-l18n-english for an non specialist poin tof view which gives usually very good descriptions.

> I'm not so familiar with cctbx c++ library myself. I'm normally just working with the
> python interface. And a lot of things are not documented. Like libomptbx. I
> don't know what that does. Name suggests it has something to do with open mp.
> Probably an open mp interface to cctbx but I'm not sure.

yes I remember that there is some mp interfaces. can you add this poin ton the wiki.
So we should not forgot about this.



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