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Re: RE : RE : cctbx debian package

Hi Fred,

I was thinking about the problems with libann. Upstream is linking additional
symbols into a shlib and calls it libann. Since the additional code is very
specific to cctbx I doubt we can get it into ANN upstream. But I think I know
what we can do. I can patch it so far that using the option "--use_system_libs"
it will only build a shlib lets call it 'libann_adaptbx' with that additional code. 
It's not so much to change since only only 2 extensions and libspotfinder is
depending on libann:

$ grep "LIBS.*ann" **/SConscript
spotfinder/SConscript:  LIBS=["ann","omptbx"]+env_etc.libm

I'm not sure if libspotfinder is even using any symbols of libann. I remembering some
warnings from dpkg-shlibdep about unused symbols. But I'll check.

The same could be done for cbflib. The changes here would be even smaller.
What is your opinion on that?


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