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Re: cctbx debian package

On Thu, 26. Jul 10:01, Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
> the only concern about this is if this modified libann is part of a
> public API provided by cctbx. so is it possible to use #include
> <cctbx.h> or something else without the header of this modify
> libann ?
They don't have a 'cctbx.h'. annlib_adaptbx is using ann_adaptor.h to include
I investigated this and it looks that only rstbx_integration_ext.so and
annlib_ext.so are using this header.

> for the extension to me this is not a problem you should build a
> "private share library" called libann_adaptbx (like noinst_xxx target
> with automake) [1].
> If I remember correctly this link the the object of the noinst library
> into the library which use it.
> If this is not clear for you do not hesitate to ask for a better
> explaination.
So you mean to link the symbols of this private library statically into the

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