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Re: RE : cctbx debian package

On Wed, 25. Jul 13:54, Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca wrote:
> It is lot's of work... I red the python policy [1] and in 2.2 you can see that a package can provide more than one python module so let's go:
> - create only one python-cctbx and maybe one python3-cctbx ;)
> - documente in the package descriptions, each modules provided by this python-cctbx.
I don't think a python3 package is supported. I'd have to do a 2to3 or something
like that to avoid fixing up everything.
> I liked a lot to the description of all libraries provided in the control file. thanks. It helps a lot to understand cctbx for new comers like me.
Yeah but I had to remove some of the descriptions since I split up a few
packages like libiotbx into libiotbx-mtz etc. I'll have to dive into it to see
what that library does.
I'm not so familiar with cctbx c++ library myself. I'm normally just working with the
python interface. And a lot of things are not documented. Like libomptbx. I
don't know what that does. Name suggests it has something to do with open mp.
Probably an open mp interface to cctbx but I'm not sure.


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