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Re: cctbx debian package

On Wed, 25. Jul 14:45, Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
> Hello, I am working on this :). I already fortified mmdb and gpp4, still
> need to do the work for clipper :).
> you can look for the repository on the debian-science repository.
> I plan to fortify and multi-arch all of them.
Great! But I still wonder why few of the shlibs fall through hardening-check.
For instance librstbx.so. I checked and it's compiled and linked with the
correct flags. It's only linked against libcctbx.so and this one is passing the
check. But I think libcctbx.so is linked against libclipper so this can all go
back to that lib.

I'm having also a bit trouble cherry pick the headers! Do you have any advise?
I thought about just putting all headers into one package and make the *-dev
packages depend on it. Is this acceptable? If so how should it be called?

BTW: I'm gonna start to split up the python-cctbx package into multiple
python-packages now.


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