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Re: cctbx debian package

Le 19/07/2012 23:58, Radostan Riedel a écrit :
> On Thu, 19. Jul 22:14, Baptiste Carvello wrote:
>> To be honnest, I would have better understood the patches if I had
>> actually applied them, not just read them ;-) Learning the tools is a
>> large part of the work as a new contributor: I just learned to use quilt.
> Welcome to the club :). I'm not so good myself. Fred can tell a story about how
> I annoyed him about how to use gbp-pq. Now I can't live without it. I really
> have to say that in the last 2 weeks I learned a lot and you will too by just
> doing.

That's true. By the way, I could write down some of it for the wiki
(especially the part about setting up cowbuilder, which I found to be a
little tricky). Is "DebianScience/Tools/InstallingCowbuilder" an
acceptable page name?

I've been playing with gbp-pq today, and I'm trying to build your
package right now. Is using "-j 8" for building a standard Debian
practice? That almost killed my computer, and finally grinded to a halt
with 100% memory used, and 0% CPU :,-( So I had to change it to "-j 2".

I won't be working in the weekend, so I'll try to get some development
done on monday.


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