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Re: cctbx debian package

On Wed, 18. Jul 10:51, Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
> can you explaine a little bit what is going on, the name of the patch
> says adding setup.py but there is this massif cctbx_sources/pycbf.py
I moved a file that normally lies in BUILDIR/lib. And I also moved stdlib.py.
I don't know why but upstream is spreading files around directories and sets
PYTHONPATH because they want to do:
import pycbf
I thought it's the best way to just move that file to the top directory.
Did I do it wrong? I simply "cp" that file to the top directory.
I first try to move that file in the setup.py with shutil but I found it a
little bit too hacky. I don't know how to do that with distutils but probably 
Baptiste will figure it out ;).
There are also 2 directories that should be moved (boost_adaptbx/boost -->
boost, clipper_adaptbx/clipper --> clipper) I solved this with distutils but we
can consider moving them when we do a repack and remove clipper, boost

> create mode 100644 debian/libcctbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libiotbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libmmtbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libomptbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/librstbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libscitbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libsmtbx0.install
> create mode 100644 debian/libspotfinder0.install
> so we need the libxxx-dev package and also the libxxx-dbg packages.
> usually with the dh syntax you just need to add [1]
> --dbg-package=libxxx-dev --dbg-package=libyyy-dev ...
> now indeed we miss an install target which put all the .h library etc
> at the right place DESTDIR.
> Indeed it is possible to move things around from the rule file but it
> would be better for other distributions to beneficiate from your work
> and work with the upstream for an install target which suit our needs.
I already found a good tutorial how to add an install target to Scons[3].
But I'm not sure if it's going to install the header files too.
> now In the xxx.install files I see
> debian/tmp/usr/lib/libscitbx*.so.*
> you can just write
> usr/lib/libscitbx*.so.*
> by default with dh compat leverl 8 it looks into debian/tmp
> keep in your mind that we will switch at the end to level 9 and multiarch the package [2] ;)
OK, I didn't know that this will work. Thanx for the hints!

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebugPackage
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation
[3] http://www.scons.org/wiki/SconsTutorial2

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