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Re: cctbx debian package

On Thu, 19. Jul 22:14, Baptiste Carvello wrote:
> To be honnest, I would have better understood the patches if I had
> actually applied them, not just read them ;-) Learning the tools is a
> large part of the work as a new contributor: I just learned to use quilt.
Welcome to the club :). I'm not so good myself. Fred can tell a story about how
I annoyed him about how to use gbp-pq. Now I can't live without it. I really
have to say that in the last 2 weeks I learned a lot and you will too by just
> Sure, but who must clean those dirs? setup.py, or dh?
I think setup.py. I reworked today some stuff today. Check it out.
I rewrote distutils install command. You can see how I did it and reimplement
clean command. 

> Another "toolset" task ;-) I created an alioth account
> (bcarvello-guest), setup ssh and asked to be added to the project. So I
> should be able to push shortly.
Btw: Can we set multiple people as "Maintainer" in debian/control?
> I'm not sure yet what the workflow is. Do I guess right, that you
> (Frédéric) are using gbp-pq, and Radi is using plain quilt?
I use gbp-pq too. It was tricky for me at the beginning but it is actually
great when you get use to git rebase etc.

kind regards

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