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Re: PSIGNIFIT package for fitting psychometric functions

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

Where am I supposed to include such script. Should it be run in the
postinst script (probably not) or should I just include it somewhere
like in /usr/share/doc/psignifit/tests.

The later.  Mention it in the README.Debian and/or the man page, please.

This in any case.  Brave people will also put it in the postinst - but
this is sounds overkill in this case.

Another remaining question for me is: When I'm going to repackage the
source tarball, should I then also fix the permissions of the files.
Or should I touch as less as possible?

If the wrong permissions do not prevent the package from being build
correctly (as it seems to be the case), then I would say let them as they

My *personal* feeling would be to adjust the permissions for the sake of
aesthetics.  But I don't know any references about this and I would accept
whatever you decide.

Kind regards



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