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Re: PSIGNIFIT package for fitting psychometric functions

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Michael Hanke wrote:

I wonder if anyone on this list is involved in psychophysical experiments?

I guess your chances to find people working in this field is higher if
you ask on debian-med mailing list.

I often need to fit psychometric functions to data from such experiment. But
as far as I know, there is no program in Debian that does this properly.

I guess you are right here.

Some time ago I discovered PSIGNIFIT
(http://www.bootstrap-software.org/psignifit/) and have used it almost
exclusively since then.

Now I tried to package it for Debian and uploaded the result to


If some DD is reading this -- please upload it to Debian, if it is done right
(or tell me if not).
I know, I should ask this on debian-mentors. But if anyone is interested in
that kind of software, he/she will be more likely on this list.

I think this is the right decision, because mentors gathers random people
while this list (and debian-med) gathers people who are involved in similar
working fields.  That's why I CC this mail to debian-med.

Now some comments to your packaging:

  1. I have noticed that you cleaned up the upstream source from all Matlab
     stuff, which is fine because we can not handle these scripts in Debian
     because Matlab is commercial.  If you are just repackaging you might
     fix the permissions of the files as well (every file is executable) and
     perhaps teach the author how to build tarballs ...

  2. You added some *.txt, *.html and data files to the tarball which extends
     the value of the package.  It would be great if you would mention -
     for instance in a README.Debian file - where you obtained these files

  3. Please file an ITP bug for the package. (Feel free to ask how to do this
     in case you don't know what to do).

  4. Please use
     in debian/control.  There are no changes necessary for your packaging
     but it is better to stick to the latest policy version in the control

  5. Please clean up the debian/rules file from default template commets like

       # Sample debian/rules that uses debhelper.
       # This file was originally written by Joey Hess and Craig Small.

  6. Thanks for writing a manpage!

So far for my comments and I think the package is quite close for and
upload and I would like to sponsor it.  Regarding the integration into
Debian-Med I would like to hear suggestions into which section at


you would like to see this project.  I think it is reasonable to make
the med-tools package dependant from psignifit or would you suggest something

Kind regards and thanks for your work



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