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Re: PSIGNIFIT package for fitting psychometric functions

* Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> [2005-08-30 15:29]:

> Hmmm, I'm not sure what Rafaels thought, but I understand him that way
> that removing the binary is fine.  At least I would definitely vote for
> using a stripped down tarball and mention the exact reasons in the
> README.Debian.  This will not lead to confusion and does not waste disk
> space with useless stuff.


> I would like to hear what Rafael thinks about the package you provided
> there now.  If he says it is fine he could go for an upload (or just
> ask me to upload if he thinks it is better that I will sponsor this).
> If he thinks that the binaries should be stripped we agree for this
> point.  Raphael, in any case let me here how we want to proceed.

Besides the removal of the bin directory and the explanation added to
README.Debian, I think the package is ready to go.

Michael might also include a script with a regression test in the
package, something like: 



if test -x $prog ; then
	$prog $exdir/dat $exdir/prefs
	echo 1>&2 "$prog not found"
	exit 1


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