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two packages for astronomy


My name is Michael Olberg and I work at Onsala Space Observatory, the Swedish national facility for radio astronomy. We run two radio telescopes on site and are heavily involved in other projects like the APEX telescope in Chile and the Odin astronomy/aeronomy submm satellite.

I have debianized (following the excellent advice from Martin F. Krafft's book: The Debian System) two software packages which others may find useful:

1) xs - data reduction of radioastronomical spectral line data
   author: Per Bergman <bergman [at] oso [dot] chalmer [dot] se>

2) ppgplot - Python binding for pgplot library
   author: Nick Patavalis <npat [at] efault [dot] net>

The debian packages are available both as binary and source at

deb http://nain.oso.chalmers.se/oso/debian ./
deb-src http://nain.oso.chalmers.se/oso/debian ./

although I would welcome if somebody helped me to put them on a more official Debian server.


Michael Olberg                           <michael.olberg@chalmers.se>
Onsala Space Observatory                       tel: +46-(0)31-7725507
Chalmers University of Technology              fax: +46-(0)31-7725590
S-43992 Onsala, SWEDEN                      mobile: +46-(0)703-319556
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