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Re: Freeze exception for dpkg 1.14.18

Quoting Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org):

> I however also need to admit that I'm unhappy by the way Raphael tried
> to get the exceptions. Receiving mails like "we know better than the
> release team how the freeze rules should be" etc doesn't help in
> discussing the technical side of things, and I would rather wish that
> this doesn't happen again in future.

I think the conclusion we can draw from this "incident" (which has
been solved thanks to the good will of both parties) is that real life
discussions, or at least IRC ones, should better prepare such freeze
exception requests, yes.

I don't think that Raphaël is arrgoant the way you describe it and the
reaction he had was probably more drawn by some kind of frustration
after a moment where the dpkg maintenance team had to face serious
social issues (the hijack incident) and some stress was involved.

I have a deep respect for both Raphaël, Guillem and other dpkg team
members as well as Luk, you (aba) and all release team folks and I am
very thankful to all of you for solving this issue the best way you

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