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Re: Freeze exception for dpkg 1.14.18

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello,


> the release team didn't respond officially yet to our freeze exception
> request.  However Luk told us on #debian-release that you are basically
> ok with all those features (despite the impact of some of them). Luk
> didn't want to push this version directly, he'd rather wait an upcoming
> 1.14.19 with some of the latest bug fixes.

Not true. I wanted to have it aged some more in unstable. As this had
happened, dpkg now transitioned to testing...

> When discussing what's ok for 1.14.19, Luk told:
> <luk__> ok for 1.14.19 are RC bug fixes, RG bug fixes, translation updates,
> documentation updates and pre-acknowledged important bug fixes probably
> <braindmg> luk__: so no refactoring nor trivial bug fixes?
> <luk__> indeed, it's freeze time...
> I believe this is too strict and doesn't match reality. We have no open RC
> bug currently, so given this criteria, there's no reason to wait for
> 1.14.19.  We do have a RG bug (#454694) but fixing this bug is probably
> more risky wrt release than most trivial bugfixes.

I think one can argue if that bug is part of the Release Goal or not...

> Here's what I would like to suggest as acceptable for lenny (and thus
> 1.14.19):

Freeze guidelines are not really up to discussion and I don't like that
maintainers of key packages send the signal that they don't care about

You don't seem to understand that having 1.14.18 was already a freeze
guideline exception...

You say that dpkg won't delay the release while questioning the freeze
guidelines in itself is probably enough for other package maintainers to
make sure the release will be delayed...



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