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Re: Freeze exception for dpkg 1.14.18

* Lucas Nussbaum (lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net) [080426 15:35]:
> On 26/04/08 at 09:43 +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> > Not true. I wanted to have it aged some more in unstable. As this had
> > happened, dpkg now transitioned to testing...
> > [...]
> > I think one can argue if that bug is part of the Release Goal or
> > not...
> > [...]
> > Freeze guidelines are not really up to discussion and I don't like
> > that maintainers of key packages send the signal that they don't care
> > about them...

> I must say that I'm a bit surprised (and concerned) by the communication
> between the release team and the rest of the developers.

Eh, sorry?

The main task of the release team is coordinating the release prozess.
Making up the freeze guidelines is one important part of it. We also
publish them early and often.

Releasing Debian can only work if (next to) all people involved follow
the same planing (at least at large).  Otherwise, things will start
drifting apart, and much unnecessary work will be carried out etc. (This
was what e.g. happened with Sarge and December 2003.) The release team
reviews the good and bad parts of the release process early after
release to learn for them in future. We also publish these minutes via
mail - input from anyone is welcome, and that is the right time to
adjust our ideas for the next stable release.

However, if people start to ignore the guidelines of the release team,
and claim that they are not making errors and are allowed to set their
own guidelines, that cannot work. *Everybody* has special excuses why
his package needs an excemption, and guidelines are there to prevent

I'm quite happy that many developers understand that, and support
releases of Debian. I would be happy if Raphael Hertzog would also
support Debian releasing, and doesn't make up his own rules.

(And sorry for saying so frank words, but that seems to be necessary.)


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