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Freeze exception for dpkg 1.14.18


as you might have noticed, we finally managed to upload the latest and
greatest dpkg to sid... a bit too late since the base freeze is already in
place. I'm sorry that we didn't made it in time but this upload contains
many stuff we really want in lenny:

- triggers support (that's one of the the main reason this upload is so
  late, Guillem wanted to merge this and the whole dpkg hijack story
  didn't help him)

- new source package formats, it's a very large change, it has been meant
  to not impact the current source package format. I asked lucas to
  recompile the archive with it and all bugs found that way have been

- new Checksums-* fields in *.dsc and *.changes, as md5 is less and less
  reliable in this world, it's badly needed. This change initially broke
  dupload/sbuild but we have put a work-around for those tools (they are
  parsing the dsc/changes file completely ignoring the fields separation
  and took whatever resemble the content of Files as the right content, by
  putting Files last, they still get the right content...).
  dak should have been updated last night but Ganneff is waiting a
  debadmin to apply his patch. debsign also had to be updated as it
  rewrites the changes files on the fly and didn't know about those

- several important improvement for cross-build support that are really
  needed by Emdebian (small changes though)

- dpkg-buildpackage has been modified to provide default values to various
  compilation flags (CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/FFLAGS), this change
  was discussed on -release already and the default value of LDFLAGS has
  been reverted to an empty value. The change was deemed too risky as it
  can cause subtle runtime failures. 
  This change will probably slightly increase the count of FTBFS for
  packages that do not cope well with the presence of those environment
  variables. At the time I did a rebuild with lucas, LDFLAGS was set to a
  non-empty value and it lead to < 100 new FTBFS. I'm not sure how many of
  those are fixed by the revert of LDFLAGS. Logs are still available here:

- many dpkg-shlibdeps improvements

- many bugfixes

I'm pretty sure you down't want to review the full diff between
and 1.14.18... it's not a last-minute freeze exception. The difference is
huge as it contains our work since january and it's all work we intended
for lenny. We're late of a few days only and we're late partly because we
try to avoid breaking stuff:
- we preferred an intermediary upload to experimental instead of uploadind
  1.14.17 to sid directly
- we waited on bugfixes of other important packages disturbed by this
  upload (unless we found a work-around)

Furthermore, while the freeze was planned "early April", we had no fixed
date and the fact that the perl switch to 5.10 (which is also frozen) was
not planned until after the 16th, led us to think that we had a few days

Guillem would like to merge other stuff for lenny, but this will be
discussed when it's ready. Right now, the first priority is getting an
approval from the release team that 1.14.18 is ok for lenny. dpkg doesn't
need to transition quickly to lenny, we're ok with a delay of test and
even some bugfixes upload but we want to be sure that you're going to work
with us to get this version in lenny.

Full changelog (1.14.17 and 1.14.18):

Raphaël Hertzog

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